About us

Foreword by the Chief Executive Officer

We would like to thank you for your interest in Pan African Minerals, a leading mining, engineering, consulting and mining equipment supplying company in Africa not by volume but by the quality and value we place on our clients and our work. We are an entrepreneurial company that places great importance on teamwork, respect and trust. We believe that, in a successful business, people communicate well and deliver the best of their ability and everyone has a desire to succeed. We maintain a lean hierarchy led by a group of experienced, result-orientated executives and consultants. Throughout the operations, we have a capable team of people that ensures that Pan African Minerals builds a prosperous future not only for the company but for the people of Africa as well.

A lot has been said about Africa but we see potential, growth, development, innovation and opportunities which lie in the many problems this continent is facing and as Pan African Minerals we are positioned to be the catalyst of change which is very exciting. We do not consider you as a potential client but rather a potential business partner as we partner with you in achieving your business objectives and we invite you by sending an email to clientservices@panafricanmineralssa.com should you be interested in any of our products or services.


Nkululeko Mhlaba
Chief Executive Officer : Pan African Minerals

About us

Pan African Minerals is an International African based Mining, Engineering, Consulting and Mining Equipment Supplying Company.

The ethos of our business model is not exploitation of the vast minerals in the African diaspora but rather to work and partnering with the communities through up skilling, infrastructure development and sustainable mining that is environmentally friendly. Many international mining projects fail in the African continent as many mining house are ill equipped or advised for the tough operating conditions in Africa be it socio, economic or political and we are there to bridge that Gap and are suitably geared to partner with international stakeholders.

Pan African Minerals is managed by a team of mining, engineering, finance and business executives with significant experience in mineral exploration, mining operations and corporate management and a proven track record of successfully delivering value to shareholders.

Pan African Minerals has very healthy cash reserves and is debt free providing a platform to continue value adding activities across projects within its portfolio. The company also continues to actively seek other high quality exploration growth opportunities predominantly in gold, diamonds, copper, cobalt ore, coltan, tin, platinum, coal, oil and gas.

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